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On-Demand Programs Date Available
CANCELLED - OTC Monograph Reform: A Future Framework for Self-Care Dec 19, 2018
Adverse Event Reporting - What You Need to Know Feb 21, 2018
California Proposition 65: An Update Jan 12, 2018
REGULATORY/MARKETING: Rules of Engagement: Rx-to-OTC Switch Partnerships Oct 19, 2016
MARKETING: Complimentary Webinar: Hispanic Healthcare Journey: The OTC Path to Purchase Oct 06, 2016
REGULATORY/MARKETING: Post-launch Factors for Rx-to-OTC Switch Success and their Pre-launch Preparation Implications Aug 05, 2016
REGULATORY: Navigating the Structured Product Labeling (SPL) Process for Existing Users Jan 19, 2016
COMPLIMENTARY: Spotlight on OTC Medicines: The New Path to Purchase Dec 09, 2015
GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: Game Changing Legislation Impacting OTC Products Nov 18, 2015
REGULATORY: Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Packaging Regulations and Testing Requirements Nov 09, 2015
REGULATORY/SCIENTIFIC/LEGAL: Fundamentals of Homeopathy May 04, 2015
COMPLIMENTARY: Barriers and Drivers to Growth for Consumer Healthcare Products in the U.S. Dec 10, 2014
GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS/REGULATORY/LEGAL: A Deep Dive into Understanding California's Prop 65 and Green Chemistry Laws Dec 03, 2014
MARKETING: Total Market Strategy: Your Roadmap to Winning with Hispanic Consumers Sep 17, 2014
REGULATORY/SCIENTIFIC/LEGAL: Rx-to-OTC Switch Part II: How to Successfully Make the Switch Feb 12, 2014
REGULATORY/SCIENTIFIC/LEGAL: Rx-to-OTC Switch Part 1: Making the Case for a Switch Development Program Jan 15, 2014
REGULATORY/LEGAL: The A to Z on FDA Advisory Committee Meetings Dec 11, 2013
REGULATORY/LEGAL/MARKETING: OTC Advertising: Balancing Regulation and Innovation in the Digital Age Apr 24, 2013
REGULATORY/LEGAL: Inside OTCs: Legal and Regulatory 101 Sep 20, 2012